Bigger Isn’t Always Better – the advantages of a small agency

Big agencies demand big budgets… we don’t!

Brands typically hire big creative agencies because they have the infrastructure, resources, and pedigree, which give business owners that warm and cosy feeling. But smaller agencies, such as ourselves, offer the same skills as larger firms but have distinct advantages as they can work more closely with you to achieve the results you want to achieve – without the bloated budgets.

Budget Friendly

There’s a common belief that the more you spend on a marketing or design campaign, the better it will be. But where’s that money being spent?

Large agencies have a lot of employees, account handlers, support staff, high utility bills, and large, attractive offices. These things are all hallmarks of a large agency, but they don’t come cheap, and that cost is directly passed onto the client with every invoice.

Fortunately overhead costs aren’t an issues when working with BK, which is great news for small businesses who don’t have overwhelming budgets for marketing, web design, or social media strategy. We only bring in specialist expertise when it’s needed for a particular project and that means that you’re not paying their wages.

Still as Creative, Just More Adaptable

It’s not agency size that matters most, but how well they understand the needs, objectives, and struggles of your business and market and develop solutions to solve them. Whereas larger agencies have a ‘one size fits all’ approach, smaller organizations are more likely to adjust to their client. When it comes to creativity and innovation, we’ve got it all, and that’s without the big staff and bloated budgets.

Call us and you’ll only ever speak to the creatives – never to account handlers or receptionists. Our past history of working for large national agencies has taught us that direct communication between client and designer is the way forward, letting us hear your voice and your opinions to translate your vision into words, images, and experiences.

You’re not just an invoice – you’re a valued client.

About Me

Barrie is a passionate about brands and identities and using his experience to help businesses grow. His background working with companies such as Heinz, Mars, the BBC and the NHS gives him a good grounding with some of the UKs top brands

Initially trained as an illustrator, Barrie worked for publishers and design houses in central London before heading north to Lincolnshire to work for some of the areas larger agencies. Eventually becoming disillusioned with the introduction of account handlers, and lack of direct contact between client and designer, he headed home to Hull,  East Yorkshire to start on his own ‘little design agency’.

Away from work, Barrie spends most of his time restoring and fighting with ancient and air-cooled Volkswagens.

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