Your logo, branding and identity is hugely important!

More than just a pretty picture, your logo or brand is something your clients can trust and rely on. It’s something you can be proud of.

A brand is so much more than a logo, it’s got to work a lot harder than you’d expect. A brand represents how a business, product, or service is perceived by its audience. For your customers your brand represents assurance, trust and a promise, for your staff, your brand represents pride and belonging.

A simple logo?

Your logo needs to be professional, recognisable and suitable for your marketplace. There really isn’t room for something knocked up by a neighbor’s son for a fiver when you’re expecting to get respect and reassurance out of it. You need a simple strong identity that can be the backbone of all your communication, then match that logo with a selection of fonts and a palette of colours.

A common misconception, particularly among owners of small businesses, is that their identity is just the logo, but of course it’s a lot more. It’s all about consistency of image.

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Corporate Identity

So looking a bit further and there’s bigger issues to solve. What colour uniforms, how do we differentiate the supervisors, how should my email signatures look, how should I tone my communications? A corporate identity is the overall image with which your company can be identified. It’s the sum of all the attributes and values a company has, its ‘personality’, its reason of being, its life and its soul. This image or personality will make the company identifiable and different from the rest and it will also determine its positioning in the world. The overall identity is formed by all the pieces that make up its communication styles, such as logos, website, advertising, letterhead, business cards, folders, inserts etc. But as before, it’s all about consistency of message.

A simple strong identity is the backbone of all your communications and gives customers the right impression

Our identity work is designed for you and your business, we don’t have a catalogue of logos that we can slip your name under. Your identity should be carefully positioned to suit both your needs and the needs of the market, specifically your market. In the most basic terms, it’s all about positioning, an undertaker’s logo should not look like a kindergarten’s logo! So don’t skimp! our logo work starts from as little as a hundred pounds and we can design a package to suit your needs.

About Me

Barrie is a passionate about brands and identities and using his experience to help businesses grow. His background working with companies such as Heinz, Mars, the BBC and the NHS gives him a good grounding with some of the UKs top brands

Initially trained as an illustrator, Barrie worked for publishers and design houses in central London before heading north to Lincolnshire to work for some of the areas larger agencies. Eventually becoming disillusioned with the introduction of account handlers, and lack of direct contact between client and designer, he headed home to Hull,  East Yorkshire to start on his own ‘little design agency’.

Away from work, Barrie spends most of his time restoring and fighting with ancient and air-cooled Volkswagens.

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